Innovatorium - why Reverse Vending Machines?

29 marca 2022

According to global financial analysts, the first billionaire will build his fortune on waste management - assuming he manages to achieve that before the climate changes. With that in mind, we - Innovatorium – think that being a part of the waste management ecosystem is crucial. Our focus is on bottles and cans – to jump start the waste management perpetuum mobile. Since a few years, most of large beverage manufacturers, such as Pepsi and Coca Cola, started using bottles and cans made of 100% recycled waste. 

Poland has a chance to catch up and, due to EU requirements, join the ranks of those who sort and use deposit systems. The legislation coming into force will create a framework for actions forcing the waste management of most materials in the form of PET bottles, glass bottles and beverage cans made of aluminum. As Innovatorium, we are playing our part by introducing the most modern solutions of Reverse Vending Machines in the Polish setting. Every country has its specifics, every society has its habits - a bottle vending machine is not a bucket for trash, but a modern element of the circulation system, programmable and controllable in its operation, but also an intelligent computer terminal providing knowledge and information to those who can use it. 

This is us, Innovatorium. We're thinking about how to use Artificial Intelligence technologies to improve the material cycle, how Machine Learning can help in the closed circle of waste - producers, transport, wholesalers, retailers, merchants and users, and companies that collect, sort and process waste and redeliver raw materials or finished products to producers. How to improve the effectiveness of the deposit system day by day through ongoing analysis of public behavior, producer policies, and retailer expectations. How to turn good habits into loyalty systems and long-term store-customer relationships. How to use the knowledge gained to evaluate the past, influence the present and improve the future. We have been thinking about all of this for a long time, and we offer our knowledge  and expertise in the form of webinars, consultations and brainstorming sessions. We invite you to create the future together.

Innovatorium team